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Legacy Interview

Vance Crowe
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Imagine if you could capture a conversation and hold it forever. 

Articulate Ventures is excited to offer a boutique service: We will interview a loved one so that you can capture the sound of their voice, their wisdom and a sense of who they are. 

For a small fee, we record a 60 minutes private conversation over a video call, hosted by international communications expert Vance Crowe.  These conversations can be with a parent, a child, a mentor, or even with you.

These recorded conversations will be private, reserved only for the people that you want to share it with, when you decide to share it. 

The interviewer, Vance Crowe can ask questions that you provide, or you can rely on his expert judgement to guide the conversation towards stories, insights, life lessons and other important ideas you or your loved one struggles to get down on paper or record alone.

Vance Crowe is a world class interviewer. He has held conversations with Olympic Gold Medalists, a member of the British House of Lords, and world famous biologists. He has an ability to carry a conversation through thorny topics and with people that struggle to articulate their thoughts.

Vance has interviewed thousands of people, and has been called "a billionaire of life experiences." He can find the fascinating stories buried underneath even the most ordinary seeming people. His curiosity about the inner workings of the minds of others makes him an ideal interviewer that will help you or your loved one have a conversation that will be more valuable the longer it ages.

These interviews are meant to bring joy to people in the future but won't shy away from difficult topics. Vance will help his guests be comfortable on camera, while they record these conversations from their own homes over a web cam.

All interviews will be recorded via Zoom and will take approximately 60 minutes. The videos will only be lightly edited to preserve the authentic nature of the conversation. You will have a chance to provide questions, and will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will help our team be prepared to capture the best conversation with you or your loved one.

Private Interview Questions

Questions to get you thinking before the interview; we will ask some (but not all) of these questions, in addition to any questions that are important to you!


  • Tell me about your mother and father.
  • What was it like growing up in your home?
  • What is a story you remember clearly from your youth changed you in an important way?
  • How is the world different today than in your youth?
  • When did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? What influenced that decision.
  • Who did you admire?


  • Tell me about your wife, what makes her special?
  • What did you learn about yourself by being married to your husband?
  • When did you know that this person was a good choice as a spouse?


  • What did you learn by becoming a parent?
  • What do you hope your children remember about their childhood?
  • What should your children know about work? family? god?


  • Why did you work as hard as you did?
  • What did you sacrifice to provide for your family?
  • What choices are you glad you made?
  • What is success in your eyes?


  • How do you want people to remember you?
  • How should your friends and family pay their respects after your passing?
  • What do you want to live on from what you accomplished?
  • What life lesson was the most difficult to learn, but was the most valuable to know?
1 rating
  • This service allows you to set aside 60 minutes to have a private recorded video conversation seen only by the people that you share it with, when you decide to share it.

  • This service allows you to set aside 60 minutes to have a private recorded video conversation seen only by the people that you share it with, when you decide to share it.


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